Refund Policy


AvvaPrint strives to produce the highest quality stickers to meet our customer's needs.
However, sometimes under varying circumstances there may be misprints, errors, or other defects in the final product.
If customers find defects in our company’s products we guarantee to re-print the order according to the customer's request or offer a refund on the order.

Please contact AvvaPrint about any defects within 7 days of receiving your order. Refer to the “Procedure for Refunds / Reprints due to Product Defects” at the end of this page.


A Colors


All artwork must be submitted in CMYK color mode.
AvvaPrint cannot guarantee a perfect color match between separate orders of the same artwork.
(The colors of the first order and a reprint may not match 100%.)
We do not bear any responsibilities for differences in color in our products.
Depending on the material, black may be printed in gray. This does not qualify for reason of refund.
To achieve a perfect black, please set the color mode to C30% M30% Y30% K100%.


B Bleed


[Square cut]
Artwork should have a margin of 1mm on all sides.
Products smaller than 100*100mm or with defined borders cannot always be cut evenly, so keep this is mind when designing artwork.
Positioning errors related to this are not included in our refund policy.



[Kiss Cut] All artwork for kiss cut stickers must have a margin of 1mm. Small separation marks may be printed in the margins. These are not included in the refund policy.


C [Die Cut]


AvvaPrint uses a metal template to cut our stickers, not laser cutting. As such, there may be up to a 1mm difference in size or positioning of the cut.
The cutting process may generate a slight distortion on the sides of the stickers as shown below. This is not included in our refund policy.


D Back Liner for Square Stickers


This only applies to square sticker products.
All products will include one or more cut lines in the back liner of the product. Please contact our customer service center for any special requests about the back liners for your order.

Creating the back liner cut may cause minor scratches on the stickers. If you are concerned about possible scratches we recommend you choose kiss cut or die cut stickers or a different printing material.


※Kiss Cut and Die Cut do not include cut lines on the back liner.
※PET materials do not come with cut lines on the back liner.

Material Back-Liner
Art paper, Simili paper More than one
Kraft paper, White PP
Transperent PET None
Silver PET

E Adhesive


The adhesives are applied to our products under strong pressure, and as such some may stick to the sides of the stickers.
Stickers are a combination of paper and adhesives.
Because paper is flexible the adhesive may cause it to bend over time.
If you would like to request a refund due to severe bending or curving of your order please make sure to contact our customer center within 7 days of delivery.

  • Adhesive_part_1.png
  • caution.pngAdhesion Strength

    There are various reason adhesive is not working
    - not suitable place or surface to stick
    - not suitable form or material
    - not suitable environment (temperature or humidity)
    If you are not happy about adhesion strength,
    please claim us within 7 days.

  • Adhesive_part_2.png
  • Adhesive_part_3.png

[Procedure for Refunds / Reprints due to Product Defects]


You can request a reprint or refund for defective products by clicking through > Q&A.
Please share as many details with us as possible in your inquiry, including photos of the product and your requests, to help us identify the problem and speed up the process.

Current options for defective products are: ① Reprint, ② Return + Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer Refund, ③ Return + Refund in Points.